For people who have little or no experience with Python I recommend to use Anaconda instead of the official python interpreter.

For conda users

conda install cairo

For macOS users

brew install cairo

For Debian / Ubuntu users

apt install libcairo

Clone the repo#

git clone
cd acid-chess

git-lfs Setup#

git lfs install
git lfs pull

Install python requirements#

pipenv install

or if you want to develop for ACID CHESS

pipenv install --dev

Run acid-chess#

pipenv run bin/acid-chess


If you want to commit, we recommend to install the hooks pre-commit hooks.

pre-commit install

Known bugs and limitations#

  • after switching cameras you will see an “Image capture failed: timed out waiting for a preview frame” error in the logs. Workaroud: Select camara you want to use and restart the app

  • Linux and Windows aarch64 are not supported at the moment. PySide6 needs support first